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Boost your Visibility with Sponsored Posts on Influential Websites

The link has to be one of the lungs of your notoriety strategy. Netlinking through sponsored posts is one of the most effective ways to improve your traffic, your e-reputation, your SEO and increase your sales.

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Why work your netlinking with Oupo ?

A Choice of Premium Websites

Choose websites 100% selected by a single player to buy quality backlinks. The media that we present to you in the catalogue are selected according to your objectives and with our expertise, your articles will be pampered to maximize their effects.

Who can consult the available media ?

A very small number of people have the possibility to view the many websites available. They are mainly SEO agencies or trusted site editors. Your competitors will not have so easy access to your backlinks.

How is the website selection built ?

Simple enough rules allow us to offer you a site ecosystem healthy enough to avoid any identification of the netlinking activity. The sites are located on different hosts, on different IP addresses or have their own unique netlinking.

What do the websites look like?

We offer several types of websites, generalist magazines, specialized magazines, media with very strong authority in their field, thematic blogs, showcase websites or e-commerce. Our goal is to reflect the web ecosystem and offer you diversity, their point common they appeal to Google at their scale.

Are these websites are better quality than the others ?

The quality of a website is a very subjective notion that we strive to define as best we can throughout our partnership with our advertisers. In any case, we do not consider any of the websites we offer to you as being of poor quality, some of them are exceptional, others are quite normal, just like the web, they appeal to Google on their scale.

Quality and Efficient Websites

We take particular care to ensure the quality and durability of the websites we select. The websites benefit from a good linking profile and are regularly updated if necessary to maintain their effectiveness. One of the main characteristics of the websites we offer you is their natural appearance to provide you with a varied link profile.

Frequently Asked Questions about our service

How to access the catalogue ?

The catalog in clear of our websites is accessible only after a check of your activity, seo agency, marketing agency you are welcome. The catalog is still accessible with URL masking on request, the latest metrics of our sites are displayed.

Use the contact form to start the adventure.

Are the links permanent ?

Sponsored articles as well as the links they contain are guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years, but are, unless there is a problem to the lifetime of the website.

Do you guarantee positive results ?

We work with you to ensure that your objectives are met, brand awareness, traffic gain per referring site, e-reputation or search engine positioning.

Your goals set we work with you to achieve them.

How do I place an order ?

To date the entire ordering process is done by e-mail, you just have to contact us to place your orders.

What does a sponsored article look like ?

A post can take several forms, our objective is both to keep an editorial consistency on our websites and also to ensure diversity in your orders. They can take the form of a simple informative post, news, product comparison, opinion on a service … there is no limit to the instructions you give us.

Do you use Black-hat SEO techniques ?

The sustainability of the websites is essential, no toxic techniques for the future of selected websites and for the future of your links and your image are used.

A word from the founder

Hello! I’m Nicolas.

Since 2017, I have been offering my services to small and medium businesses to help them build a sustainable visibility strategy that matches their means with Oupo Agency. Oupo Network is an extension of a crucial aspect of a company’s growth, gaining notoriety. Through our network of sites we help you acquire backlinks but also work on your e-reputation and your traffic.

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